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HS01 Color Heat Shrink Tubing Kit, 154 PCS In Tough Plastic Case
Have the right piece of heat shrink tubing handy when you need it!

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Have the right piece of heat shrinkable tubing when you need it. Unbreakable clear plastic box with dividers contains 4 inch lengths of 6 different diameters:
  • 1/16" - 56 pcs
  • 3/32" - 35 pcs
  • 1/8" - 28 pcs
  • 3/16" - 18 pcs
  • 1/4" - 9 pcs
  • 3/8" - 8 pcs
ASSORTED COLORS: black, red, clear ,yellow, green, blue, white.
Little Monster™ Neodymium Retrieval Magnet
You'll learn to love the Little Monster™.
Wireless 12 Volt DC Remote Switch
Use the same technology that unlocks your car door to turn your deck lights on before you board from up to 75 Yards away - Makes boarding easier and safer!
Stay-Dry Vacuum Containers
Keeps things dry as a bone!
SCAD PT90™ Propane Solenoid ShutOff Timer
Provides additional safety measure in case the user forgets to shut off the propane solenoid manually.
Ultra Tef-Gel - Anti-Seize Lubricant for fastening stainless screws to aluminum
Non-lanolin 100% synthetic formula US Navy spec.
WinchRite ABT Cordless, Lightweight, Electric Winch Handle
Boat Show Special through February! Instantly electrify all your winches!
CrewLight™ Flashlight - 4 Duracell® batteries included

The ultra bright pocket light!
"Toughest and Brightest" - Practical Sailor

No-OX-ID A Special Electrical Grade Conductive Grease and Contact Lubricant
Use on all electrical contacts to prevent corrosion. Rated number one by "Practical Sailor" Dec. 2010

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